vCard Converter to iPhone for Microsoft Outlook Users!

vCard converter to iPhone permit to transfer MS Outlook contacts into iPhone through vCard format. You just need to export all contacts from Outlook address book into vCard. Because vCard contacts are moveable that can be copy to iPhone manually without using any app.

convert vcard to iphone

Quick View About iPhone - A Popular Smart Phone!

iPhone is an internet enabled smart phone developed by Apple Inc. After first release, demand of iPhone is growing up day by day. Few latest versions are: iPhone 6, 5c, 4s and 5s etc. iPhone store all contact list in their Address Book and also allow importing vCard contacts to their Address book.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook and need to transfer Outlook contacts into Apple smart phones then vCard converter to iPhone tool is required to do this. Because there is no direct method to move MS Outlook contacts into iPhone.

How to Move Outlook Contacts to iPhone?

Follow few simple steps that will help you to copy your Outlook contacts into iPhone. There are 4 main steps required to do this.

  1. Convert Outlook contacts to vCard (.vcf) formats using this tool.
  2. Mail yourself the entire vCard (.vcf) files
  3. Now open it in your iPhone mail app.
  4. This must import your vCard into Apple Address Book.